How to Get Rid of Abdominal Pain

Abdominal Pain

Common as It May Seem

Abdominal pains occur when there is strain in the muscles. All the efforts of canceling abdominal pains would be futile if your sleeping position is wrong in the first place. The same efforts of pushing and pulling your muscle tendons in the abdomen further put in stress. Cool down is most appropriate right at the moment something heats up in your muscles.

If you are only aware of the strain right at the moment the pain kicks in, you might just save yourself from abdominal pain. However, not everyone is highly sensitive about it. But in the case of dancers, gymnasts, physical representatives, etc., muscle pains are highly conscious phenomena. Thus, they practice a protocol of warm up and cool down.

Now, what if the abdominal pain left side has already kicked in?

Would we still be able to do something about it? Then, what are the best tips on how to get rid of abdominal pains really? First and foremost, the usual muscles that get the pain are those that have constantly been used. But, let us be clear with other muscles being painful despite not being overly used. The main reason for this, besides the infection, is a wrong sleeping position.

This kind of position lingers an unequal distribution of pressure on your body. Imagine long hours of contrasting weight on your body caused by the pillow underneath it. In addition to the hard unequal pressure, your breathing further heats up the muscles involved. And, if you are a stone sleeper, that is if you are not that moving when you sleep, you would get a dose of the concentrated pain for a longer time. Another unexpectedly faulty position is sleeping with a curled back-down position.

This usually falls for women who sleep with dysmenorrhea cramps. To get the comfort that they want, they  usually curl up with full weight on the bed. This may sound comforting at a moment if they do not stay in this position for long. But, when they stone sleep it over, they might end up worsening the abdominal pain at night for a whole day when they wake up. Curling up is a good temporary position for ridding yourself from pain. But this should not be static in the body.

Abdominal pains among women can be highly ambivalent

Most women end up with abdominal pains due to menstruation and other hormonal problems. Thus, it would be difficult to diagnose a woman with the source of the abdominal pain unless checked up by her personal doctor. All-in-all, there is a great difference between the two sources of abdominal pain.

A pain from a muscle strain is a shallow kind of sensation and it only heightens when you try to move your abdominal muscles. At at the slightest churn, muscle strain pain can eventually become sensitive. On the other hand, when abdominal pains are caused by menstrual cramps, the sensation is a bit deeper and multi-sensational. Meaning, there are a lot of other pain sources that you can allude to it. If you are not very familiar with muscle cramps, it is actually the burning sensation of severe tightening of the muscles due to contraction. Thus, it is like a pain that connects to many other pains.

For the general information of everyone concerned, we have prepared top 3 simple home remedies on how to get rid of abdominal pain:

  1. Spend time sipping in Chamomile tea in the morning and in the evening.

Chamomile is so far one of the best anti-inflammatory substances to drink. It eases pain caused by inflammations of the digestive tract due to bacteria. It also eases the tightened muscles of the upper digestive tract so that is an easy flower.

Once the muscles are relaxed by the chamomile tea, the flow of digestion is also eased out making a clear way for the food to pass through. It is best to drink the tea in the morning and the evening when the body system opens up for a physical change. While drinking the chamomile tea, you should also be aware that eating too much before drinking the tea would not really help on how to get rid of chronic abdominal pain. So, if you aim for an immediate alleviation, you also have to do you part.

  1. Apply warm compress.

Putting warm (not really hot) compress to the affected abdomen can help loose out the contraction of the muscles. Remember that you get pain from the severe contraction of the muscles. Now, you ought to understand the distinction between cold and warm compress, as to when either one is most effective to apply.

Now, applying compress while not being aware of the source of the pain would be a dispensable act. A hot compress is applicable for pains caused by the constant tightening of the muscles while cold compress is good for the diffusion or inflammation of the muscles. In other ways, both can be very tricky for they are caused by the same tightening.

The usual muscle strain is a simple contraction of tired muscles so that it is due for a warm compress. The more diabolical bacteria-infected abdominal cramps are better off with cold compress. Whatever the case is, warm and cold compress only give temporary abdominal pain relief.

  1. Do Warm-ups/ Cool downs.

Both protocols are for the highly physical individuals. Usually, one does warm up before a decided activity and supports it with a cool down after the activities. These are to transition the body from extreme changes of pressure, temperature, and movement.

Indeed, abdominal pains occur when there is strain in the muscles

All the efforts of canceling abdominal pains would be futile if your sleeping position is wrong in the first place. Any problems of abdominal pains, try doing the best home remedies for abdominal pain yet. As you can see, we always thought that we are in the most relaxing positions when we sleep at night. However, that is not always the case.

Since each individual has a unique position of preference from the other, it would be difficult to detect the best sleeping position. So, what we are going to do is to find out which positions are a bit faulty or pain-causing. One of the most faulty positions  is sleeping with a pillow under your back. We often think that this is relaxing so that when we wake up feeling a bit weird in the neck, back and stomach muscles, we wonder.

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