15 Home Remedies for Homemade Pregnancy Test

What is Pregnancy?

So before starting the main topic of discussion, we should know the physiology and the working mechanism of a female. Many signs may confirm that the female ovum has fertilized with the male sperms in order to carry on the process development of a child. There may be many misunderstandings regarding what the signs of pregnancy are and what are not to be considered the reliable signs of pregnancy. Some of the most common signs of pregnancy are headache, missed periods, lower back ache, darkening of areolas, fatigue, food cravings, etc.

Some other signs may be nausea, swollen breasts, increased urination, etc. Through these signs, a female can easily assess that she is pregnant and can now proceed to a much more reliable test known as a Pregnancy Test.

What are Home Remedies of Homemade Pregnancy Test?

What exactly does a pregnancy test does is also a main question for the people to understand? When a woman is pregnant the body of the female starts to produce a hormone called “chorionic gonadotropin (HCG).” The special characteristics of this hormone are that it is detected in the blood and urine of the female about ten days after the start of the fertilization process.

Home remedy pregnancy tests are tests that may be carried out at home using only natural things and without any specific medical instruments that can be carried out to verify pregnancy. Home remedies of pregnancy test or Home Pregnancy Tests (HPTs).

But HPTs may instruct females to use a pregnancy stick, that requires the female to urinate on the stick, and the stick indicates a reading that will confirm the female of pregnancy. Other than these tests some home remedy tests are used and they are as follows:

Tooth Paste Test

One of the most famous types of pregnancy test is the Toothpaste Test. Yes! Toothpaste, which is the same substance that we are using to clean our teeth every day. A test is carried out simply by collecting the urine of the presently expected pregnant female in a clean container. Then a little toothpaste is added to the urine and left for some time. After some time, it is checked. If the toothpaste turns blue in color or it has a frothy (bubbles have formed around the toothpaste) look then indicates that the female is pregnant.

Bleach Indicator

The easiest and the quickest diagnosis that confirms is the “Bleach Indicator Test”. It is a very famous DIY (Do It Yourself) Test for female pregnancy testing and without any complicated procedures. Firstly, collect the first discharged urine of the day in a container. Then add some bleaching powder into the collected urine and then observe the liquid carefully. If the liquid starts to Fizz or give foam, then it is confirmed by this test that the female is pregnant. If the liquid remains unchanged, then there is no pregnancy expected of the female.

Soap Water Test

Soap is a common everyday household need item for health and hygiene purpose. The reliability of this test is not tested, but it is famous for homemade remedy pregnancy testing. The procedure starts with collecting some fresh urine that is the first discharge of early morning in a small container or test tube. Then some soap lather is added to the urine and upon close examination, if there are bubbles formed in the solution then you are more likely to be pregnant. But this result has not been very favorable for many individuals and therefore is unreliable to an extent.

Pine-Sol Pregnancy Test

Pine-Sol is the same liquid that is used to clean the flooring of houses. It is also used to confirm pregnancy in women; well, you read it right that it can be a pregnancy test reagent. The method of conducting the test is very simple: fist collects the first fresh discharged urine in a container and then add some pine-sol in it. Wait for a few seconds and observe that if the colors of the mixture changes, then you are likely to be pregnant but if there is no change in color then there is no pregnancy.