15 Home Remedies to Kill Head Lice

Using Mayonnaise to Suffocate Lice

In case you’re careful about manufactured pesticides, you may cover lice while you rest. To initiate the procedure, cover your hair with mayonnaise completely. And then wear a showering cap to cover the hair. The following morning, lice ought to be dead. Unluckily, you can’t cover the mite eggs, regardless you’ll need to extract them by hand. An effective method used to get rid of lice in the head naturally indeed.

Petroleum Jelly to Kill Lice

If there are lice infestations in your hair, take petroleum gel and apply on the head to cut the supply of oxygen for the lice. Put a thick layer of petroleum gel on the head to the scalp area. Then wear a showering cap to cover the head. Let the cap remain on for overnight. In the morning, apply some infant oil or mineral oil to get rid of the petroleum gel and the Lice alongside it. Redo a few evenings consecutively.

Applying Essential Oils to Exterminate Lice

The itching sensation due to the lice can be subsided by using vital oils. The oils also help to exterminate the lice effectively. A very wide range of oils can be used for this purpose. A combination of 20 drops of tea tree oil, ten drops of rosemary oil and 15 drops of lemon. And lavender oil has to be blended with 4 tbsp of vegetable oil. Apply and massage the mixture on the head, and then cover head using the showering cap. After about an hour take off the showering cap and rinse hair.

Salt and Vinegar

Mix one quarter cup of salt and the same amount of vinegar. Thoroughly mix them to make a fine solution and then fill it into a spraying bottle. Gently spray a thin coating of the solution on your hair to make it slightly wet. Then put on a showering cap and leave it overnight. The solution will start to kill the lice overnight and to make it more effective just repeat the process after every three days. Thoroughly shampoo, with a regular shampoo, after every process, to avoid hair damage.


Research identifies that a strong odor of garlic is a remedy for lice, and this kills the lice effectively. Take about 8 to 10 cloves and add 2-3 teaspoons of lime juice. The lime juice will help to make the garlic into a paste. Apply the paste to the scalp and if needed gently massage to let the garlic penetrate deep to the surface of the scalp. Let the paste be applied for 30 minutes, then simply rinse the hair with regular shampoo.