15 Healthy Ways To Kick Start Your Day

Some days you get up and are just too tired and feel like the world is dragging you down. You want to hit that snooze button and get a few extra hours of sleep but the world will not let you. You need to get up, you need to workout, and you need to be productive the entire day. This can be hard for so many people. Forming healthy choices and sticking with them day in and day out is a real chore. To ensure that you have an awesome day, every day, consider following these tips which will keep you in tip top shape, both mentally and physically.

Drink Water: The first thing you should do as soon as you wake up is obviously get out of bed, but what next? Most people opt to make coffee because they think the caffeine is going to wake them up. Caffeine is actually a diuretic which means that it is going to dehydrate you. Since you just spent the last 8 hours sleeping, chances are you are already dehydrated. Get up, and drink a nice cool glass of water. This is going to make sure your metabolism is running fast and smoothly and replenish your water stores. If you want something with a little zest to it, add some lemon or limes. If after drinking cold water you still want some coffee, go for it!

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Light Exercise: After you have gotten some water in your body, the next thing you should do is a little bit of light exercise. This does not have to be hard at all. Some ladies love to do yoga, some like to do a little work on a spin bike. Myself, I prefer to do a short walk in the morning taking in the sun, smell and sounds. Doing light exercise in the morning further boosts your metabolism, gets your body stretched out and ready to start your day full force all without breaking a sweat. 10 to 15 minutes of walking is really all that is needed.

Gym Bag: Almost all of the excuses that I hear for not working out later in the day is that they are tired, unpacked, and unready to get to the gym. Take charge of your life and hit the gym anyway. You can make this much easier if you pack up your gym bag in the morning. This will eliminate your excuse later on in the day and force you to go to the gym. This is part of forming habits which is extremely important. They say all habits are formed in the first 30 days so what better way to start than now.

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Skin Care: During your daily routine, you are probably going to be outside, shopping, and many other activities. So many times, people forget to put on some sunscreen. Take the initiative to put on sun screen in the morning. This helps with a few things. First, it will keep your skin feeling fresh and hydrated and young! It will also put your risk of getting nasty forms of cancer lower than your peers.

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