Types Of Body Pillows And Their Healthy Benefits

Body pillows are oversized cushioned body supports that are used during sleep or rest. They are made in a variety of designs and come with different fillings so as to meet the myriad physical needs that they are used for. Stores which specialize in sleep accessories and pillows usually offer a variety that you can choose from.

Body Pillows: What are they used for

Body Pillows play a key role in your sleeping. Below are some important Types of body pillows which you may need to look at for sure.

Pillows for Side Sleepers
Pillows for Side SleepersThis is a pillow meant for people who sleep on their side. It helps to keep the head and shoulder level.

Pillows for Neck Pain
Pillows for Neck Pain
These are pillows meant to prevent or ease neck pain while one is sleeping.

Pregnancy Pillows
Pregnancy PillowsThis is a pillow designed to make a pregnant woman comfortable while sleeping.

Stomach Sleeper Pillows
Stomach Sleeper PillowsIf you are the kind of person who sleeps on your stomach, then this is the perfect pillow for you.

Travel Pillows
Travel Pillowsbuy-from-amazonThis is a pillow used as a head-rest while travelling on long journeys.

Therapeutic Pillows
Therapeutic Pillowsbuy-from-amazonThis is a pillow used for medical reasons. It offers some form of therapy when used.

Anti Snoring Pillows
Anti Snoring Pillowsbuy-from-amazonThis is a pillow that is supposed to keep one from snoring while asleep.

Some Types of Body Pillows

There are several types of pillows in the market today. The kind of pillow you will get will purely depend on your needs. For instance, the type of sleeping pillow you choose can make a big difference between waking up stiff-necked, with a sore back and waking up feeling refreshed from an enjoyable sleep. The following are some pillow types:

  1. full body pillow

full body pillowbuy-from-amazonFull body pillows are extra large pillows which are usually longer than the normal size pillows. They are used for different purposes ranging from offering the body support while sleeping to squeezing and cradling for comfort. The full body pillows are designed to support the full length of an individual’s body.

  1. heated body pillow

heated body pillowbuy-from-amazonThese are pillows which are normally ideal for people living in cold climatic regions or individuals who are in need of something warm and nice to snuggle close to when feeling lonely and your partner is not around to offer their warm bodies. They can be a big consolation for bachelors and spinsters too. They’re a better option than heating up the whole room.

  1. Micro-bead body pillow

Micro-bead body pillowbuy-from-amazonThese are some of the most pliable and soft pillows available in the market. They are great for relaxation and enjoyment but can also be used to relieve shoulder and neck soreness, which comes as a result of sleeping on pillows and mattresses that are hard on the body, neck and legs. They are highly recommended for pregnant women. 

  1. extra long body pillow

extra long body pillowbuy-from-amazonThis is a pillow that is designed with an intention to offer full body comfort. It is extra long and big as compared to most regular pillows. They are crafted to provide comfort to specific parts of the whole body like the shoulders, neck, legs and the back. They are of many types and shapes.

  1. snoozer body pillow

snoozer body pillowbuy-from-amazonThese are pillows designed to offer comfort to the entire body. Most of them are designed to offer proper spinal alignment by providing even support for the hips and shoulders as one moves from one sleeping position to another. This helps to eliminate tension and improves blood flow through muscular relaxation.

  1. round body pillow

round body pillowbuy-from-amazonThis is the kind of pillows that are round or circular in shape. They can be made from several kinds of fabric, unlike the common square pillows. They are either tufted or untufted and they can be great neck supports. Large round pillows can also sometimes be used as floor pillows.

  1. giant body pillow

giant body pillowbuy-from-amazonThis is an extra large body pillow originally invented to relieve pain especially that which is caused by a condition known as Fibromyalgia. However, over time, people started realizing how comfortable it was. Hence healthy people started using it to offer maximum comfort to the whole body while sleeping. Some of them can be folded into a bin bag and be used like seats.

  1. plush body pillow

plush body pillowbuy-from-amazonThis type of pillow offers excellent comfort as well as great style to any room. Most of the plush pillows are feather soft, especially those made from pure and soft polyester. They can be used to offer the much needed comfort in a nightlong sleep or used as supports in the living room.

  1. inflatable body pillow

inflatable body pillowbuy-from-amazonAs the name suggests, this are pillows which are normally filled by pumping air into them. Most of them are used as medical devices that assist caregivers to reposition a patient to an elevated position that reduces any chances of developing bedsores that normally come from spending long hours in bed.

  1. goose down pillows

goose down pillowsbuy-from-amazonReputed for their uniquely superior softness, comfort and durability this type pillows offers the user a kind of comfort that cannot be offered by any of their traditionally synthetic counterparts. They are made from chest feathers of waterfowls, geese and ducks which are perfect heat insulators. These pillows are ideal for both back and stomach sleepers.

Body Pillows for Men and Women

There is no big difference between men and women pillows under normal circumstances. However there are several types of pillows specifically designed to offer pregnant women support and comfort while sleeping. Also, when it comes to colors and patterns, women are choosier than men because the story about most men being color-blind is true.

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