Best Pillows For Neck and Shoulder Pain

While many people say that sleeping position might be the cause of neck and shoulder pain, neck pillows is one of the least expensive to deal with neck and shoulder pains.  The importance of relieving pains in these parts of the body is tantamount to avoiding other consequences like headaches and muscle pain for example.

On the other hand, people sleep differently in terms of positions thus; different individuals require different kinds of pillows that will accommodate different sleeping positions. However, neck pillow is one simple solution that will help maintain cervical position while sleeping.

As final words, in order to maximize the benefits of neck pillows when it comes to avoiding neck and shoulder pains, you need to insure that it is allergy free.

Top 6 Best Sleeping Pillow For Neck Pain

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover – Made in the USA – KING Review
Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Coverbuy-from-amazonMemory foam pillows are soft and absorbent and traces body contours to allow heat and pressure accommodation.  Thus, these characteristics should be met by this product Shredded Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Cover Made In The USA by King.

  • Size – 19 inches x 11.5 inches x 3 inches
  • Weight  – 4.5 pounds

Product Description: It is dust and mite resistant Hypo-allergenic, Equipped with 5 year warranty, Machine washable.

Final Verdict: It has the characteristics commonly found in memory foam pillows.  And just the right size to accommodate normal height and weight and cost only less than $60.00 at promo price.

Core 219 Petite Core Pillow-White-Firm Review
Core 219 Petite Core Pillow-White-Firmbuy-from-amazonThis pillow is covered with cotton and is good when you experience neck and should pain while sleeping and consequently results into headaches.  The pillow is made of fiber.

  • Size – 19 inches x 12 inches x 3 inches
  • Weight  – 1.4 pounds

Product Description: This is one of the most popular pillows for neck under the Core brand because it provides very soft support and last longer than conventional pillows.  The shape offers orthopaedic benefits.

Final Verdict: This pillow is so perfect if you are petite or have small body frame even kids will love this pillow aside from neck and shoulder alleviation benefits.

Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow MEDIUM Review
Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow MEDIUMbuy-from-amazonIf you want to wake up in the morning neck pain free and you achieve the right kind of quality of sleep you need, then this is a good suggestion for your sleeping habits.

  • Size – 24 inches x 17 inches x 3 inches
  • Weight  – 1.5 pounds

Product Description: This is one of the most ergonomically designed pillows in the market as it helps maintain the normal curve your neck while you sleep.  Thus, it does not only relieve shoulder and neck pain but also preserve your posture.

Final Verdict: Due to its size, it is not surprising that many people are getting used to this pillow in order to achieve neck pain free sleeping.

Tempurpedic Neck Pillow Standard Size Low Profile Review
Tempurpedic Neck Pillow Standard Size Low Profilebuy-from-amazonIf you are one of those individuals who prefer to have contoured pillows to help achieve proper sleep posture to alleviate neck and back problem, this pillow is just what you need.

  • Size – comes in different sizes small, medium, large, queen size, and travel size for example.
  • Weight  – 3 pounds

Product Description: This contoured pillow is designed to help support the curve of your body from the head, down to the neck and shoulders to give you therapeutic effect.

Final Verdict: Because it is firmer when compared with similar products, this one is also good for individuals suffering from neck injuries.

World’s Best Air Soft Microbead Neck Pillow, Charcoal, Blue Review
World’s Best Air Soft Microbead Neck Pillow, Charcoal, Bluebuy-from-amazonA super lightweight travel pillow for the neck.  It is made of spandex and embedded with snaps for securing the pillow into your luggage while you travel.

  • Size – 12 inches x 4 inches x 13inches
  • Weight  – 4.5 ounces

Product Description: There is nothing quite like this product as it is made of soft material thus you can create shapes and contortion according to preference and personal neck comfort.

Final Verdict: There is no doubt that this is one of the best travel pillows in the market, however, users have found difficulties in cleaning this pillow.

NeckBone Chiropractic Pillow by Original Bones, Blue Review
NeckBone Chiropractic Pillow by Original Bones, Bluebuy-from-amazonIf you want a pillow that is hypoallergenic and made of soft material and is machine washed, then you are looking at the right product with NeckBone Chiropractic Pillow by Original Bones.

  • Size – 14.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches
  • Weight  – 9.6 ounces

Product Description: This is known as the original and one of the best and most recommended neck support pillow in the market.

Final Verdict: Even though that it is made of soft material, this pillow is great when you need support for your head, neck, and shoulders.

Two Simple Ways to Avoid Neck Pains during Travel

If you are a frequent traveller, chances are you have experienced neck pains during your travels several times.  Here are some ways to address this problem:

If possible travel light; pulling heavy strollers is one way to injure the back to the neck contour of your body.
Bring your own neck pillows to avoid neck discomfort especially if it is a long travel.

And talking of neck pillows, there are several brands, sizes, and colors that you can choose from.

Top 3 Best Rated Neck Travel Pillows

Comfort Master Travel Pillow Airplane / Review
Comfort Master Travel Pillow Airplanebuy-from-amazon

This therapeutic pillow is ideal for travel whether you have a long or short travel or you take the bus, train or plane; very versatile indeed.

  • Size – not specified
  • Weight  – 11.2 ounces

Product Description: If you want to prevent you neck and shoulders from aching while you travel or have a more relaxing sleeping or sitting position at home, this pillow is just right for you.  It is made from very high quality memory foam that fits your neck comfortably.

Final Verdict: This is a very much superior pillows for travel at a lower price and gives more therapeutic support when compared with inflatable and “bean filled” travel pillows.

Travel Rest Inflatable Amazon Innovative Pillow Review
Travel Rest Inflatable Amazon Innovative Pillow
buy-from-amazonIf you want to have a travel pillow that will give you full lateral support in the upper portion of your body so that you can relax easily and fall and stay asleep for longer period, this pillow is highly recommended as this is the only one so far in the market.

  • Size – 26 inches x 7.9 inches x 5.9 inches
  • Weight  – 6.6 ounces

Product Description: Long travel has never become more comfortable in this lateral support pillow for travelling.

Final Verdict: Very easy to inflate and there is no need to use oxygen pump to do so.  Being lateral, it gives full support not only to the neck portion but the whole upper body as well.

Travel Mate Memory Foam Pillow Review
Travel Mate Memory Foam Pillowbuy-from-amazonIf you want a pillow that will give you better and proper neck and head alignment and at the same time is temperature sensitive and molds your neck properly, this product is just right for you.

  • Size –11 inches x 12 inches x 3.8 inches
  • Weight  – 12 ounces

Product Description: This travel pillow was designed in order to give the right softness, comfort, and support to your neck as such, it relieves tension in the neck and shoulders due to longer hours of sitting.

Final Verdict: Because it is price modestly, you wouldn’t expect such high quality in this product but, it exceeds expectations and product benefit claims are indeed real.

How To Buy and Things To Consider

It is estimated that there are at least 30 million people in America alone who are suffering from mild to chronic pain in the neck to back area and this affects the way these people sleep.  Fortunately, this kind of problem has some solutions and in fact some are doable.  Yes, there is no need for surgery or extreme medication in order to alleviate neck pains.  It is just a matter of using the best pillows for neck pain.

Sleeping And The Help of Pillows

Indeed, one of the culprits for neck pain is using the wrong kind of pillows.  An excellent or good pillow will help support the head and neck portion minus the stress and pressure applied when these parts are rested on the pillow.  Thus, it is indeed vital that the shape of the pillow or the pillow can accommodate the shape of the head and contour of the neck of the individual while sleeping.

It is recognized that pillows are quite a frustration in many individuals as it does not only affect the neck portion but other body parts as well like the chest and shoulders.  Thus, the individual experienced different kinds of spasms in the neck, chest, and shoulder when wrong pillows are used during sleeping time.  Some of the possible negative sleeping outcomes when using wrong pillows are:

  • Too much pressure is applied to the back up to the neck portion creating excessive stress on those body parts.
  • Wrong pillows can trigger wrong sleeping position.
  • Wrong pillows means wrong pressure and it may irritate some nerves in the neck to back portion thus creating neck pains and irritating the nerve muscles in the neck joints portions.

Three Areas To Consider When Buying Pillows For The Neck

With those ideas, the question now is what are the things to consider when you buy the right kind of pillows that will help prevent acquiring neck problems while sleeping?  Here are the suggestions:

  • The pillow that you choose should accommodate or alleviate the pain you are suffering.  Thus, it is best to identify first which portion of the neck is affected and choose from the many displacement foam pillows for the neck which are appropriate for you.  It should be able to provide great deal of comfort by complementing the contour alignment of your spine up to the neck.
  • The pillow that you choose should help correct the cause of the neck pain.  In other words, you need to consult your orthopaedist to determine the root cause of the neck problem in order to provide remedies on neck discomfort while sleeping.  It is not a surprise to know that many are quite amaze to learn that the root cause of neck problem is using the wrong kinds of pillows.  And, they are even more surprised that there are indeed pillows that can support well the head and neck and avoid neck problems during sleeping period and disturb sleep routines.
  • The pillow that you choose should help maintain spinal alignment.  After you find out the causes of your neck and back pain problem and find the appropriate pillow that will help alleviate neck problems, you need additional pillow that will prevent neck problems during sleeping from occurring again.  Take note the first pillow is to help you avoid, and the other pillow will help you maintain correct posture during sleeping.

Other Factors To Consider When Buying Pillows For The Neck

Apparently, buying pillows is not matter of having your head and neck well rested.  There are other factors to consider such as:

  • Sleeping position – there are pillows which are good for individuals who are back sleepers or side sleepers.  For example, back sleepers need thin pillows in order to prevent the head from being thrown out of position creating too much pressure in the neck area. Side sleepers on the other hand require very firm pillow in order to manage the weight of the head in accordance with the pressure the neck is able to hold on.  Those who sleep on their stomach do not need a pillow however, the most that they need is a thin pillow for their stomach to avoid back pains.
  • Size of the pillow – it is important that the pillow support the size of your head and neck vis a vis your height and weight.  You know that your pillow will give you neck problems if you feel uncomfortable sleeping on it because it is too small for your body frame or quite tall for your body structure.
  • Fillers of the pillow – not many people realize the importance of what is inside their pillows.  Best pillows for neck pain is not limited size and sleeping position.  You should also consider what is inside your pillow.  There are many kinds of fillings:
    • Foam pillows are good because it traces up your body contours thus it gives you comfortable sleeping position.
    • Pillows made of fiber might be good alternative because it is cheap and works the same like foam pillows however, it will not guarantee to give you long lasting performance.
    • Experts recommend feather or down pillows because it gives full support where you need it most.

Sleep Position and Its Effect: Tips To Consider

Earlier, this article discussed sleeping position as one of the other important things to consider when buying pillows.

  • Acquiring the best sleeping position is manageable and it is not a dream.  There are only two sleeping positions that are not strenuous to your neck; sleeping on the back or to your side.
  • Do not use pillows that are too hard or to thick in terms of size which keeps your neck elevated thus causing neck pains.
  • Use an elevated pillow for your neck not on your head to maintain the balance and alignment between the head and the neck.
  • According to research, neck problem is a condition that is affected not only by using pillows but by sleep itself.  Check if you are following the required amount of sleep based on your health factors, lifestyle, and of course age and BMI factors; lack of sleep is one of the reasons for chronic back and neck problems.

Indeed, there is no need to be paranoid when you have neck problems after sleeping.  The solution is not expensive; it is a matter of determining the causes of neck pains, finding out if you are using the right or wrong pillows, and of course buying pillows which are considered best pillows for the neck.

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