Best 5 HTP Supplement Reviews for Weight Loss

The body is perfectly made. Every single detail of your body has a specific function. It comprises of different chemicals, hormones and other related foreign materials that work hand and hand to have equilibrium and balance. Serotonin or chemically known as 5-hydroxytryptamine is one chemical found in the body which works in the central nervous system and has several roles in appetite, depression, mood, insomnia and headaches.

Serotonin is the by-product of the amino acid known as tryptophan. This amino acid tryptophan is synthesized by the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase into 5-HTP or 5-hydroxytryptophan. 5-HTP is then metabolized by another enzyme called amino acid decarboxylase into serotonin. 5-HTP can be produced artificially from the seeds of African plant which has a scientific name of Griffonia simplicifolia. Itis used for conditions related to sleep disorders, migraine, anxiety, and fibromyalgia. It also helps in the management of ADHD and Parkinson’s disease together with other prescription drugs. It is normally found in the body however, some are deficient of 5-HTP. With this, different supplements and drugs are published in the market so as to resolve the condition.

Aside from the indications mentioned, it is also used by some for binge eating associated with obesity as a weight loss drug. There are different offline and online shops where you can purchase 5-HTP supplement.

How does this work?

5-HTP mainly works in the brain and the central nervous system by increasing serotonin’s production. This chemical serotonin is the one responsible and can affect sleep, appetite and pain sensation. As 5-HTP increases in the body, serotonin on the other hand also increases in which it is used for conditions wherein it plays an essential role.

5-HTP supplement

There are these supplements of 5-HTP that can be purchased online and offline. In general, there are few side effects of 5-HTP. Since it offers many benefits it was given attention by consumers and might as well development of the said supplement are done to improve its formulation and other related indications. It is used for enhancing mood, for good sleep and improvement of pain sensations. However, it is also used for weight loss. It is used by many since it was discovered that serotonin a chemical which is synthesized by 5-HTP as mentioned affects appetite. It is widely available and affordable.

5-HTP supplement Reviews

Due to the wide use of this drug and its increasing sales in the market, there are different reviews made so as to guide other consumers in the said product. The supplement is highly recommendable and is very affordable. It can be purchased readily and studies have shown that it has few to no adverse drug reaction as to why it is considered safe. It has an outstanding performance for users’ needs including better sleep, weight loss and giving positive mood. Overall, the product has a price-quality ratio that exceeds the expectation of consumers. Try it now and experience the benefits you can get as you take the risk to make it as your supplement. You will never regret what you are to experiences. You can also read more reviews so as to convince you more. Try one now!

Natrol 5-HTP TR Time Release, 200mg, 30 Tablets

Natrol 5-HTP TR Time Releasebuy-from-amazonWhen it comes to finding which supplement will you be needing in order to maintain and keep up with the daily challenges and stress, it is best that you have to find a good vitamin supplement that will make sure to provide you all that you need to maintain a healthy disposition in life.

In most cases, we are being bombarded with the stress and the hectic schedules that we forget to take care of ourselves. To this effect, one might be experiencing bad moods and some severe bouts of emotional chaos.

This vitamin supplement will make sure that you will always remain calm, relaxed and at the same time, be able to maintain that positive disposition. With the given features and ingredients it contains, surely, one would be given a good option when it comes to selecting a good supplement for the welfare of your health.

Its Features:

The Natrol 5 htp supplement contains all the much needed amino acids for the proper maintenance of your body. It has Natrol which regulates calmness and at the same time, allows you to control your appetite. At the same time, this product boosts your stamina so that you will always be feeling in good mood at all times.


  • It is drug-free

This supplement is actually derived from plants which serve as its source of amino acid content.

  • It is safe

Given the features and content, one may be rest assured that it is safe for use.

  • It has a special promo

It has a special promo if you buy it via Amazon.


Unfortunately, this product is not acceptable when shipped internationally. Thus, if you are in another country and you plan to purchase this online, think twice as it may not be possible.


To sum it all up, this supplement is very much effective. There are a lot of good reviews from those who have already tried this product. However, because of geographical limitations, most people might not be able to avail of it.

NOW Foods 5-HTP 100mg, 120 VCaps

NOW Foods 5-HTP 100mgbuy-from-amazonNow Foods 5-HTP 100mg 120 Vcaps is a dietary supplement for vegetarian. It helps you to feel better both physical and emotional. This supplement is not just intended for its dietary benefits, it also has the ability to help you have a positive outlook in life. All of its ingredients are all natural and no preservatives are added.

Product features

  • Neurotransmitter support: Yes
  • Natural Source: Yes
  • Positive mood support: Yes
  • Vegetarian: Yes
  • Sugar: No
  • Salt: No
  • Yeast: No
  • Wheat: No
  • Gluten: No
  • Corn: No
  • Soy: No
  • Milk: No
  • Egg: No
  • Shellfish: No
  • Preservatives: No


5 HTP supplement has many advantages that is applicable for people who are undergoing anxiety, depression, and other condition involving emotional distress. 5 HTP reviews have verified that it is effective in terms of keeping their body fit and their mind in a positive mood. 5 HTP is free from sugar, salt, gluten, yeast, milk, egg, wheat, shellfish, soy, corn, and preservatives that are main distributors of fat in your body.


This supplement is effective but still has its down side. If you are currently taking other anti depressants that is prescribed to you by your doctor, it is advisable that you ask your doctor first before taking it with 5 HTP. It may cause dizziness if taken with other prescriptions. Any other than the dizziness this product works well.


If you want a healthy body and mind then 5 HTP is good for you. Proper dosage must be followed to avoid any complications. It is indeed an effective dietary supplement which helps you lose unwanted fats and also have a better outlook in life due to its neurotransmitter support capability. You won’t need sleeping pills and other anti depressants with the 5 HTP food supplement.

Top Rated 5-HTP with No Harmful Additives – Supports Positive Mood – 5-HTP Controls Emotional Eating – Improves SleepTop Rated 5-HTP with No Harmful Additivesbuy-from-amazonWhat is the 5 htp supplement?

This product is a supplement that is filled with a substance called serotonin. This substance provides neurotransmitters that allow the body to feel good by regulating various areas such as the body’s response to pain, moods and the body’s sleeping habit. Other results in taking this supplement are weight loss due its capacity to control the person’s appetite and reduce the intake of calories.

The product is Everpure. This product is trusted by many due its lack of additives that might contribute to serious side effects and allergic reactions. It has no preservatives and other harmful chemicals that might harm the body. It’s an all natural product that is designed for consumers that are conscious of their health.

What are the features of 5-htp

5-htp is a supplement placed in purely vegetarian capsules. Each bottle contains 120 capsules of pure and high-quality 5-htp. In just 1 to 3 capsules daily, you will feel the changes on your mood. It helps elevate your mood and gives you a brighter day than before. Take each capsule on an empty stomach to maximize the effect.

As what we have stated above, the product also provides quality sleep. This is best for those who are suffering from insomnia. According to 5 htp reviews, more customers have experienced changes on their moods and sleep in just a few weeks of using the product.

Another special feature in this product is its capacity to reduce weight and weight gain. According to 5 htp weight loss reviews, several clients have testified the dramatic results in a period of weeks using the product. They have full control on their appetite and their metabolism has increased.


  • Free from additives that might cause allergic reactions and side effects
  • No preservatives and chemicals
  • Full Refund if the product is unsatisfactory


  • Packaging and materials have different information compared to what is written on their main website. It would require the user to read more about the product on their website for better understanding.

NatureWise 5-HTP Plus+ with Advanced Time Release – Supports Appetite Suppression, Mood, Stress, and Sleep, 200 mg, 30 count

NatureWise 5-HTP Plus+ with Advanced Time Release - Supports Appetite Suppression, Mood, Stress, and Sleep, 200 mg, 30 countbuy-from-amazon

The Ultimate Health Solution

Most people are having problems with their sleep and with their weight condition. But right now that we have the 5-htp product, these problems are solved. The 5-htp is rich in serotonin which improves good mood and provides good sleep. The product works with neurotransmitters which influence our neurological system including the body’s response to pain.

The 5-htp supplement is popular in losing weight. Because it provides good sleep it can definitely help. You see, lack of sleep is one of the causes of weight gain or obesity because its increases appetite and slows down the body’s metabolism.

Features of NatureWise 5-HTP Plus+ with Advanced Time Release

This product affects majorly on the mood and weight of the person. Since it works with neurotransmitters it improves emotions and at the same time controls diet by regulating the appetite. An unpleasant mood would also result to an uncontrolled diet. That is why this product works in perfect balance.

Since it works with antidepressants, the product provides a better solution for depression and the means are totally natural. Since it works on different serotonin levels, the product can improve sleep and at the same time it helps manage chronic pain issues like fibromyalgia and Migraine.

It also contains vitamin B6. This vitamin is essential for converting 5- htp into serotonin, which provides an instant effect to the body. According to a number of the 5-htp reviews that we have online. This is the product that provides world class quality compared to other products in the market.


  • An all natural product. Even the capsule is full vegetarian.
  • The product is certified by the NSF organization one of the world’s leader in GMP certification.
  • Designed to improve the body’s neurological order and bring it to its most improved state.


  • It has adverse reactions on people who have allergies.
  • Not advisable for pregnant women or lactating mothers
  • Not advisable for those who have previous medical issues. They need to consult their healthcare provider first.

5-HTP 100mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules – The GOLD Standard Pure 5-HTP Extract Guaranteed Free of Harmful Peak-X, GMOs, and Allergens

5-HTP 100mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules - The GOLD Standard Pure 5-HTP Extract Guaranteed Free of Harmful Peak-X, GMOs, and Allergensbuy-from-amazonWhat is a pure 5-htp extract?

The 5-htp extract is a product extracted from Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds. This is an all natural product that affects the neurological system of the body. 5-htp works with serotonin levels that allow neurotransmitters to produce good mood and improves the body’s sleep cycle.

Because of its neurological effect, this product is also proven effective for weight loss management. Its neurological effect affects the persons craving for food. It helps lessen uncontrolled appetite so that person will have a balanced and healthy diet.

The product is also free from harmful substances such as the Peak X, silicon/titanium dioxide, GMO’s, Magnesium Stearate and other artificial ingredients that can cause harm to the body.

Product Features of Nutrigold 5-HTP extracts gold, 100mg, 120 Vegetarian Capsules

The 5-Hydroxytryptophan or the 5-htp is actually a form of amino acids which is extracted purely from Griffonia simplicifolia seeds. Its chemical components help improves the body’s neurological functions which improve mood and sleep cycle management. This product is perfect for persons who have issues on depression and insomnia.

According to 5-htp weight loss reviews, the product produces serotonin which works with the neurotransmitters that provides an excellent solution for losing weight. It helps the person controls their appetite and balances their system and diet by improving its metabolism.


  • This 5-htp supplement as an all natural product derived solely from the plant called the Griffonia Simplicifolia.
  • The product is 100% all vegetarian
  • USA manufactured product with the approval of strict GMP standards.
  • No allergens and GMOs which can produce unpleasant side effects
  • The product is free from the harmful PX
  • Free from additives, artificial ingredients, Magnesium Stearate, Titanium Dioxide, Silicon Dioxide and preservatives


  • The packaging and representation of the actual product on its wrapping and may contain different information from its main website. This would require the consumers to research and read more about the product before partaking it.

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