Best Biotin Supplement & Pills for Hairs Reviews

Biotin or Vitamin B7 is a coenzyme for carboxylase enzymes used in the synthesis of fatty acids, isoleucine, valine, and in gluconeogenesis. Coenzymes are very important entities in our bodies as our enzymes cannot function without its coenzyme. It acts as helper for an enzyme to do its job.

Biotin is also called Vitamin H. The “H” represents Haar and Haut which are German words for Hair and Skin. It is necessary for cell growth, metabolism of fats and amino acids, as well as production of fatty acids. It may also help in steadying the blood sugar level among diabetics. Biotin is also essential as a dietary supplement to strengthen the hair and nails. Many shampoos which claim to promote hair growth contain biotin. It is found in many cosmetic and hair products for skin and hair.

There are a lot of best biotin supplements for hair that are available in the market nowadays. These best biotin pills contain concentrated amount of biotin that is needed by the body since this vitamin is in very small amount in our body.

Sources of Biotin

Biotin can be found in many natural sources, but only a few are rich with it. Examples of these sources are peanuts, green leafy vegetables, Swiss Chard, raw egg yolk, liver, and Saskatoon berries. However, because of the small amount of biotin in these foods, taking the best biotin supplement will help your body get the right amount to function well.

Deficiency of biotin can be manifested by a few symptoms such as hair loss or alopecia,             Conjunctivitis which is also known as sore eyes or pink eyes, dermatitis in the form of scaly, red rash around the eyes, mouth, nose, and even in the genital area, as well as neurological symptoms displayed by depression, lethargy, hallucination, numbness, and tingling sensation of hands and feet.

Pregnant women are more susceptible to biotin deficiency. Nevertheless, this deficiency can be addressed by the best biotin diet and supplement into the daily routine.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of this food supplement depends on many factors such as the patient’s age, health, and other conditions. However, there is no recommended dietary allowance for biotin. In order to be sure of how much you should take in, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor first before you start the supplementation.

Finding the best biotin brand can be tricky, especially if you do not know where to look. There are a lot brands available in market today, each one claiming to provide the best supplement. If you are planning to find one, it will be wise for you to read some reviews on the internet first so that you will have a clear insight of the products, as well as what other people think about a certain product and how their bodies reacted to it. Not all brands who claim to offer this much biotin content will have the exact amount of biotin. So be always wary about what you buy. Research it first so that you will know the risks.

Health benefits of Biotin

Biotin has several health benefits that will surely entice people to take this supplement.

First benefit is that is supports a healthy metabolism. Biotin helps regulate the gene expression which is essential in carrying out metabolic functions. This vitamin, which is also called Vitamin B7, along with other B-Vitamins are essential in converting the food that we eat into energy to get us going all throughout the day. You might know some food supplements with Vitamin B-complex. Biotin is part of this B-complex vitamin, and they are known to provide energy for the day.

A deficiency of this vitamin will cause you some digestive disorders, and your metabolism to slow down.

Next benefit is that Biotin may help regulate the blood sugar level and improve glucose intolerance. Vitamin B7 facilitates in the insulin activity of the body. Insulin is a hormone that is important in balancing the glucose level of the body. If the insulin does not work well, then your blood sugar will spike up causing diabetes which is a degenerative disease.

Third is that it promotes healthy skin and hair. Biotin is known for strengthening the nail and hair. Biotin is one of the added ingredients of hair masks, face creams and other cosmetic products.

Fourth benefit is that it helps protect brain function and it fights cognitive decline among people.

It also helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and support thyroid and adrenal function.

You may leave your comments below, and I hope this article has helped you get a general knowledge about biotin.

Number One Nutrition Biotin

Number One Nutrition BiotinClick here to check price

It has been known that substances containing biotin would ensure to keep your skin, hair and nails to be healthy as ever. Now, one doesn’t have to search high and low to find that one product which would contain heavily on biotin. Thanks to modern technology, a supplement has been created in order to fill this need. These biotin vitamins are keen on keeping your skin nourished, healthy and free from cracks and peels.

However, one should know that it is not enough to just find any biotin vitamins. It is also important that one should also be able to find an effective biotin vitamin that effective and potent from the rest of other biotin vitamins. To provide you with a list of good options, this supplement may be one of them.

Its Features

The best biotin supplement for hair, Number One Nutrition Biotin, contains 1000 mcg of biotin that is very much applicable for both men and women despite whatever types of hair condition they are in. Furthermore, it also contains Vitamin B complex and B7 in order to combat possible hair loss and the promotion of better and younger looking skin.


  • It is FDA approved. One doesn’t have to worry about it being safe and suitable for consumption that it is already approved by the FDA
  • It has good and positive feedbacks. The testimonials and feedbacks from its users can confirm that this product is indeed very effective.
  • It has a special promo. It provides a 27% off when you purchase more than one item online.


One may only have to purchase this item directly from its manufacturer, the N1. This means that the access for this product can be very limited.


All in all, this product is considered as among the best biotin supplements as a lot of users have been there to attest that. However, the only limitation here is its access of purchase as it can only be done online.

Natrol Biotin 10,000 mcg Maximum Strength Tablets, 100-Count

Natrol Biotin

Click here to check price

For those who have wanted to have healthy hair, one should know that it is now very much possible. There are now products or supplements available in the market which focuses on providing healthy hair and healthy skin. This will significantly help in ensuring the glow and the healthy condition of your hair and skin.

As long as such product contains biotin, one should be rest assured that you will be able to have healthier hair and skin like never before. For instance, one may be able to try this product which primarily focuses on keeping your hair and skin healthy at all times.

Its Features

Biotin is the main and the primary ingredient of this product from the best biotin pills, Natrol Biotin. Its contents are all water soluble and thus, it is easily and readily absorbed by the body. Moreover, it has B-complex for proper cell growth and production. One can determine that this is highly potent as it contains 10,000 mcg biotin.


  • It is drug free. There are no fillers here and other harmful drug substances which our body might not be able to readily absorb well. It only has all natural ingredients and substances.
  • It has good reviews. If one takes time to check its feedback from the Amazon, most of which are all positive feedbacks of the product.
  • It is considered to be best seller. Given its cheap rate and good reviews, this product has been rated as the most sold product in Amazon.


Unfortunately, this product is only being sold in the United States. Thus, there is a limit of purchase of this product especially if you come from other countries aside from the US.


This product has been rendered to be generally effective. In fact, it may be regarded as the best biotin supplement. However, its only drawback is its limitation in terms of purchase and availability.

Biotin (High Potency)

Biotin-SupplementClick here to check price

A comprehensive and quick review about biotin would allow you to provide more appreciation of this great supplement. It has already been known that our skin and hair needs vitamins in order for them to retain their healthy luster, shine and moisture. Thus, it is true that a lot of people have been trying different ways and means in order to maintain the good condition of their hair and skin.

Fortunately, with the help of biotin, a lot of people are now being benefited of this very helpful substance. It has even been made as the primary ingredient in most supplements and vitamins primarily for the purpose of improving your hair and skin.

Its Features

One of the best biotin supplements, the Biotin (High Potency) 5000 mcg has been considered to be your good option if you are looking for biotin vitamins. Its main feature is that it contains coconut oil so that it will be right away absorbed by the boy. It is also in the form of mini soft gel so that it will be easily ingested and swallowed.


  • It is gluten free. A lot of people fear that the products that they are taking and using contain gluten. Not this product. Therefore, one is rest assured of the fact that this is very safe and healthy to take.
  • It has great special promotions and offers. Unlike other biotin products, this product contains a lot of promotions that will encourage you to purchase especially in bulk order.
  • Its manufacturer is reliable and trusted. The maker of this product has already been in the industry for years which is a good sign that this product is being managed and created only by the experts.


As compared to other products and biotin supplements, this supplement has not yet being evaluated by the FDA. Thus, one still has to practice caution and care when taking it.


This product may have all the necessary ingredients and substance for it to be considered as the best biotin supplement for hair. This can be a good biotin vitamin for you. However, one must practice caution when taking this product for health purposes.

HairAnew (Unique Hair Growth Vitamins with Biotin)

HairAnewClick here to check price

Naturenetics HairAnew is biotin based hair development supplement detailed with 11 dynamic fixings to assist you with keeping up a more rich and healthy hair. This is scientifically detailed to target a potential vitamin deficiency that is bringing about serious severe baldness and breakage. Altogether, it is centered on nourishing the hair with vitamins and minerals which makes it considered as one of the best biotin brand in the market today. It has no DHT ingredients; however, it contains kelp for healthy thyroid capacity.


2 Capsules contain: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacin, Vitamin B-6, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Kelp, Inositol, Ginkgo Biloba (leaf) Bamboo Ext. 70% Silica Ingredients found in the supplement incorporate Vitamin E and B, Zinc, Inositol, Bamboo concentrate and Silica. The whole recipe is wrapped in vegetarian capsules.


The Product is relatively affordable in price. It also strengthens the nail cuticle and skin health while in turn increases the productivity of collagen in the body. Also, it assists the production of energy in the body as well as supports metabolism and digestion. It also contains Vitamin C that is known as ascorbic acid is rich compound known to slow down aging and strengthens the hair. Kelp, on the other hand, is rich in Iodine.


In spite of the fact that it takes just two weeks to get results, hair development is still moderately slow and taking two containers every day must be thoroughly took after. If abused, it can lead to a rash and also can disrupt the effects of other certain drugs like antibiotics also in taking raw eggs can disrupt the absorption of biotin.


In the event that you have been searching for an item that can truly enhance the nature of your hair, this product is a decent choice and among the best biotin supplement for hair as well. The supplement has gotten all that could possibly be needed positive reviews, so there is no hesitation to put investment into it.

Hair Growth Vitamins Supplement

Hair Growth Vitamins SupplementClick here to check price

ZenWise Labs Hair Growth Vitamins+ DHT Blocker is a good vitamin and best biotin supplement for thinning hair and baldness. It presents itself to preventing hair loss to men and women and at the same time regenerates and revitalizes the hair. It contains premium ingredients that facilitate hair growth. It also promotes overall hair health.


A tablet doesn’t contain other allergens and prevents factors that results in hair loss and at the same time increasing hair growth. This formulation inside is ideal for both men and ladies. Also, this product contains vitamins that are all natural with a wide selection ranging from vitamin C and Biotin.


The product is registered by the Food and Drug Administration and free from other allergens like peanut, wheat and gluten that triggers allergies. Another perk if shipped is that it has an excellent packaging and fast shipping. The supplement is easy to swallow and no after taste. It also makes the hair shinier. It improves the circulation of blood in the body as well and believing to be an aid to weight loss thus supports a breakdown of fats and carbohydrates.


You will have to wait for a few weeks to get noticeable significant results. It really takes time to take effect and may not be effective to other users. Drinking not enough water can cause skin breakouts like acne and rashes. Eating raw eggs also interferes with the absorption of biotin and also interacts with other drugs specifically those that are antibiotic.


This is the perfect item to pick if you’ve been thinning up top for quite a while and need to quick track your hair development. It requires some income to see any result, for the most part a month or more; however, the subsequent development is justified regardless of the wait. Still, among the best biotin supplements in the market today.

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