Best Top Rated Uniflame Gas Grill Reviews

If there’s one thing a top rated Uniflame gas grill offers you; it’s good value for your money. It’s not difficult to find a quality gas grill if you’re willing to spend a lot. There are many high-priced grills out there but most of the customers look for a gas grill within the range of $100 to $150, which poses a challenge. Buying a gas grill in this range is not a surefire bet, so going through reviews and finding the best grill for your barbecue needs can prove to be beneficial.

Most of the best Uniflame grills are low priced products that deliver performance and style. Although prices may go up to $250, these grills offer you features and quality to justify their price tag.

Why Buy a Gas Grill?

A commonly asked question by customers looking to buy a new gas grill is why they should choose it over a charcoal or an electric one. There is more than one reason gas grills are the best type of grills available. They are far more convenient, cleaner and easier to operate than charcoal grills as you can easily start a flame. They are better than electric grills in the sense that they offer more heating power with less energy consumption compared to electric heaters. Also, they are far more durable and long-lasting if maintained and cleaned from time to time. Even the best gas grills fall apart if they are not handled with care and expertise. Cleaning them after every use is important to increase their life.

Advantages of Buying Uniflame Grills

Cheap Price

It’s a well-known fact that this company offers the best prices on the gas grill market. Even the most expensive and top rated Uniflame gas grill would cost you less than high-priced barbecue grills of other brands. When buying a gas grill, most customers want to buy a grill that doesn’t cost them much as it’s not something that is frequently used. Therefore, an affordable price is everyone’s priority.

Variety of Products

Another highlight of this gas grill range is that it has a product for everyone. With grills as cheap and affordable as $25, they’ve got everyone covered. They have all types of gas grills with different features. Portable or full sized grills of different sizes and heating power are available for reasonable prices.


Most grills are packed with features such as side burners, sear burners, shelves and rotisseries as well. Reviews show that most Uniflame gas grills offer efficient and even heating. Of course, a grill with more features demands a bigger price tag, but deciding which features you need for your barbecuing experience can save you some cash.

Easily Available Parts

Another redeeming quality of these products is the availability of all its parts. You can easily buy parts online for your Uniflame gas grill.

UniFlame 15,000 BTUs LP Gas Tailgating Tailgate Grill

Uniflame Gas Grill

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If you prefer to take your barbecue on the go with you, you need a portable grill that you can easily carry anywhere you want. Whether you are going on road trips or camping in the woods, you would need a durable grill that does its job perfectly. The UniFlame Tailgate Grill is ideal for this situation.

Portable and Foldable

It’s a foldable grill that you can take on your trips and vacations to enjoy barbecues with your beloved. Easy to fold and assemble, it’s the perfect barbecue equipment for outdoor experiences. It comes with a foldable steel shelf on the side to offer you workspace as you cook burgers and hotdogs. And for its portable body and small size, it offers a promising cooking area of up to 294 sq. inches.

15,000 BTU Gas Burner

It comes with a 15k BTU burner to ensure you get enough heat into your meat. The burner runs on propane gas and is made of stainless steel.


  • A fully portable and foldable tailgating gas grill
  • The cooking area is of 294 sq. inches.
  • A 15k BTU Burner with a control knob
  • Foldable steel shelf on the side
  • Tool holder
  • A black bottom bowl made of porcelain
  • Steel plate coated with porcelain


It is the perfect fit for fans of outdoor barbecuing as you can pick a place to your liking and turn it into your barbecue spot as you take this portable tailgating gas grill with you. Although it may not have the most powerful burner in the market, it is a grill built for portability and it certainly delivers on that.

Blue Rhino NPG2302SS UniFlame Gas Grill

Best Uniflame Gas Grill

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Everyone loves barbecuing, whether it is in the summers or winters. Most people even host barbecue parties at their home and for this, they require a grill that has spacious working area and is easy to use. They want a grill that is affordable yet provide high quality. All this can be found in the Blue Rhino UniFlame Gas Grill, which can cook up to 13 burgers at a time.

Warming Rack

Apart from the main grill area, this small yet impressive product comes with a warming rack just above the main grill, which gives you the option to warm your food without burning it on the main plate. The warming rack is also very easy to clean and so is the main grill area.


It weighs only 17 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and allows you to take it with you outdoors for a delicious barbecue. It comes with a handle as well, which makes it all the more portable. It operates on LP gas, so all you need is an LP gas tank and you’re all set to cook some steaks.


  • Weighs only 17 lbs
  • Comes with an easy-to-carry handle on top
  • Powered by a 10,000 BTU LP gas burner
  • Equipped with an electric ignition system
  • The cooking area is of 385 sq. inches
  • Warming rack of area 120 sq. inches
  • Stainless steel lid and burner


Small, portable, lightweight and powerful, this gas grill has all the features you need if you’re searching for a grill to take your barbecue experience on the road. It’s also not that expensive, so you won’t have to break your bank in order to get your hands on this grill.

Uniflame GBC1405SP Gas Grill

Uniflame Gas Grill Reviews

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Barbecuing is a popular activity and owning a gas grill allows you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest with your friends and family. Uniflame offers gas grills that provide many different features at affordable prices, and this gas grill is one such product. With a double burner and sturdy construction, it is lightweight and an easy-to-move gas grill that is suitable for normal sized gatherings and parties.

Stainless Steel Lid and Panel

A seamless and welded steel lid and control panel ensures that the grill lasts for a long time. Stainless steel allows easy cleaning after every cook.

Two 12,000 BTU Burners

This gas grill is powered with two main burners, each of 12,000 BTU, to give even and quick heating. These burners come with an electric ignition system and are powered by propane gas tank, which is easily supported by the grill’s frame.


  • Seamless and welded grill frame
  • Control panel and burner lid made of stainless steel
  • 2 Burners, each of 12,000 BTU
  • Warming area is of 114 sq. in.
  • Total area is of 300 sq. in.
  • Side shelves offer space for placing cooking ingredients
  • Weighs a light 49lbs
  • Wheels for easy transport
  • Electric igniters for easy flame starting
  • Can cook up to 16 burgers at once
  • Support for gas tank


It is a good looking and strong grill that offers good features for its low price. Uniflame LP gas grill is perfect for all outdoor picnics and parties. Although it does not offer the option for natural gas supply and lacks a side burner, its lightweight and movable frame means you can take it with you to vacation spots and enjoy a hassle-free barbecue with your loved ones.

Blue Rhino GTC1205B Uniflame Portable LP Gas Grill

Top Rated Uniflame Gas Grill

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If you like to go camping, you might want something that could help you cook food without the hassle of gathering sticks and making a fire. A portable gas grill could be the perfect thing for you if you enjoy the outdoors and often go on road trips. For this purpose, the Uniflame Portable LP Gas Grill is perfect for you as it can be used as camping grill and is just the thing for enjoying a barbecue when you’re out in the open.

Portable and Foldable

It’s a completely foldable grill that can be taken on trips and used for camping. It can also be used on vacations and picnics. Being easy to reassemble and simple to fold, it’s the ideal barbecue device for outdoor barbecuing. It comes with foldable steel shelves on both sides of the grill to provide workspace and room for holding sauces and beverages. For its portability and size, it gives a spacious cooking area.


This small gas grill can cook at least 16 burgers at once, which means you get a lot of cooking space.


  • A fully portable and foldable LP gas grill
  • Cooking area large enough to cook 16 burgers at once
  • A 15k BTU Burner with a control knob
  • Foldable steel shelves on each side
  • Metallic body
  • Deep cobalt color


It’s a unique gift for your outdoor, barbecue-loving friends. Affordable, portable and stylish, it’s not only eye-catching but also delivers exceptional performance. Make sure you keep it covered to increase its life and clean it regularly and in return, this grill will take care of your barbecuing for years to come.

Uniflame GAD920SP Square LP Gas Outdoor Firebowl Tile

Outdoor Fireplace

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If you’re looking for a centerpiece that offers ambience and warmth of a fireplace in your deck, backyard or patio, Uniflame’s Outdoor Gas Square Firebowl is a great product for you. It’s a square shaped fire pot that comes with a tile mantel and decorative base. Underneath the base is hidden a propane tank and control panel that makes it an attractive centerpiece for every outdoor living area.

40k BTU Burner

Equipped with a powerful 40,000 BTU Burner made of cast iron, this fire bowl is ideal for enjoying cold winter nights while sitting on the patio or backyard. The electric ignition ensures you can get a flame running in no time. The fire bowl also has a control panel and is powered by a propane gas tank.

Handcrafted Tile Mantle

The tile mantle is handcrafted and black in color. It also comes with a porcelain steel bowl that can be used for decorative purposes. You can place fancy rocks inside it for aesthetics or a scent product for aroma. This product comes with lava rocks and logs.


  • 40,000 BTU Burner made of cast iron
  • Control panel with electric ignition
  • Handcrafted black tile mantle
  • Porcelain steel bowl
  • Protective cover included in the package
  • Runs on propane gas
  • Lava rocks and logs included
  • It gives the warmth and ambience of a classic fire without any trouble of ashes.


It’s a beautiful and attractive centerpiece for outdoor lawns, patios and backyards and it can be a great Christmas gift as well for your relatives and loved ones. Although it does not offer the same bonfire experience as you may get by burning wood, it’s a cleaner and easier alternative.

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