15 Home Remedies for Heat Stroke

Limit your activity time

Honing is fabulous for prosperity and treating misery and issues of the body. Performing hard exercises in the daytime in the midst of summer usually causes heatstroke. Swear off playing outside diversions and exhaustive exercises in the midst of peak hours of the day. Drink fluids while doing action and playing entertainments outside. You can focus and incredible activity at home and take general breaks. Consistently pass on a water bottle while doing exercise.

Tamarind Drink

Tamarind is rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes and these three are the central portions to fight heat stroke and parchedness. Ingest some tamarind gurgling water. Strain it and refreshment it with a crush of sugar. This decoction cuts down your body temperature. Tamarind Press also goes about as a tender diuretic and associates in treating stomach issue. It is like this, not a terrible thought to have this juice in convincing summers.

Drink bundles of fluids

Drink a lot of fluids. Furthermore, because you lose salt due to sweating, also you can restore salt and water with a couple of recreations drinks. If your authority has restricted your fluid or salt confirmation, check with him or her to see the sum you should drink and whether you should supplant salt.

Drink some Onion juice

It is one of the best answers for treating a heat stroke. Many Ayurvedic experts prescribe this should be the primary concern that you ought to interface. You may rub some onion juice at the back of your ears. And also onto your waist area that will help to reduce the temperature of the body. For a cure, the onion extract is extra alluring, yet you can cook some rough onions with cumin and nectar and have it. Rough onions in chutneys or servings of blended greens can similarly cool your structure.


One of the best-eating regimen answers for warmth stroke is buttermilk. It is to a great degree cooling for your body and releases the plenitude warm sufficiently. It is a savvy thought to have a glass of buttermilk with every supper in the midst of summers. You can incorporate fairly salt and some ground cumin seeds for flavor and also restorative points of interest. Get prepared buttermilk from fresh curd and have it step by step to check heat strokes.

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