15 Home Remedies for Brittle Nails

There are individuals who truly tend to their nails, while others couldn’t be mindless. In any case, when nail issues strike, it’s an ideal opportunity to look for help. Here are some approaches to recover your nails fit as a fiddle quick with better nourishment, chose supplements, and parasite warriors.

Nail issues likewise incorporate fragile nails, which can be the consequence of age or an excess of or too little dampness, or healthful inadequacies. What’s more, certain skin ailments can influence the nails, including psoriasis (it can bring about a thickening and setting of the nails) and the inconsistent male pattern baldness known as alopecia areata (it can bring about furrowed, hollowed, harsh nails).

Knead with Coconut Oil

Take a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil and warm it a bit. You may rub your nails and hands with this oil mixture then tenderly back rub it. Alongside making your nails more grounded, it will likewise enhance your blood course while keeping your nails moisture. You can likewise blend warm coconut oil with few drops of lemon juice. Absorb your nails this blend and after that delicately rub it. After back rub wears gloves and keep them overnight for good results.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses were once well known as sweeteners and were used instead of processed sugar that we use today. But blackstrap molasses are not only famous for being something that makes food items sweet. They have been used to make nails stronger and to cure the problem of brittle nails. To make use of blackstrap molasses, you need to warm water or any other drinkable beverage such as tea. Then add some blackstrap molasses in it and consume these beverages once or twice daily for best outcomes.

Ocean Salt Treatment

Ocean salt is normally utilized as a part of the shower as it’s surely understood for its recuperating and restoring properties so you may simply have some close by in your restroom.

Blend four teaspoons of ocean salt with some warm water (and also a couple of drops of wheat germ oil on the off chance that you have it) and splash your nails for 10 minutes. You’ll soon start to notice they look and feel parcel more beneficial and also significantly stronger.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple juice vinegar is another great solution for fragile nails. It is stacked with supplements that are solid for your nails, for example, vitamins, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Also, it contains malic acid and acidic acid that can battle nail contaminations.

Blend square with measures of crude, unfiltered apple juice vinegar and water in a little bowl. Absorb your nails this answer for a couple of minutes. Promptly after, tenderly push down the fingernail skin. Do this once day by day and inside a couple of days your nails will turn out to be much more grounded.

Brew Soak

Brew is another viable home solution for fragile nails. It has selenium, potassium; phosphorus and biotin that make your nails solid and sound.

Heat one-quarter measure of olive oil until it is warm to the touch. Blend it with a one-quarter measure of apple juice vinegar and one some brew. Absorb your nails this blend for 10 to 15 minutes. Tail this cure here and there a week.

Apply some Vaseline

Lack of hydration is an essential driver of weak nails and in case you think toward a touch of nail clean then you may have seen your nails dry out super snappy. Applying Vaseline to your nails during the evening is a straightforward trap to keep them hydrated and keep them from the part.

Flaxseed Oil

You can use flaxseed oil every day as it is great for helping in making the nails strong. Unsaturated fats in the flaxseed oil help in making the nails stronger and the minerals present in the oil support faster nail growth. To make full use of this oil, you may want to rub the oil onto your nails and leave it for 1-2 minutes on the nails daily.

Vitamin E Oil

Frequently the fundamental offender behind weak nails is the absence of dampness. Vitamin E oil is an incredible solution for keep your nails saturated and hydrated. It will likewise fortify and sustain your nails and fingernail skin. Tear open a vitamin E case to separate the oil. You may put some oil on your nails before going to sleep. You may also rub the oil directly for about 5 minutes to build a course to the nail bed. Do this day by day for maybe a couple of weeks to see an adjustment in your nails.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a decent choice; it will light up your nails and make them look whiter than any time in recent memory.

Blend one tablespoon of lemon juice as well as 3 tbsp of olive oil in a small bowl. You may heat the mixture in a microwave for some time until the mixture is a little warm. Then apply the mixture on your nails using a clean cotton swab before going to bed. Wear gloves and abandon it on overnight. Another alternative is to combine equivalent amounts of new lemon juice and argan oil and absorb your nails the answer for 20 minutes.

Vegetable Oil Treatment

If your finger or toe nails are every now and again presented to water, attempt this basic cure. Apply any vegetable oil on the top and within the nails with the assistance of a cotton ball or a brush and back rub the nails delicately for 5-6 minutes consistently, three to four times each day.

This treatment will supplant the dampness that had been washed out because of a lot of introduction to water and make your fragile nails solid once more.


Tomatoes are one of the best wellsprings of nail-fortifying vitamins An and C and also the common type of B7 (otherwise called Biotin) which is key for sound hair, skin, and nails. Have a glass of natural tomato juice in the morning to begin your free day with more vitality, include a couple of cuts of crisp tomato to plates of mixed greens and sandwiches, and add additional sustenance with tomato glue or sauce in your eating regimen.

Expand Calcium Intake

Fragile nails may mean an insufficiency in calcium. Albeit a great many people partner calcium with milk and dairy items, it is likewise found in soymilk, verdant greens, and food items that are calcium-braced. Keep in mind that you additionally need to get vitamin D with a specific end goal to have the capacity to assimilate calcium.

Olive Oil and Lemon Juice

Take a teaspoon of olive oil and implant it with few drops of lemon juice. Presently take little parcels of this blend and apply it on your nails and back rub it. Give it a chance to stay overnight and wear delicate hand gloves after back rub so that your nails are not exposed to water. Do this at any rate twice per week for better results.

Tea Tree Oil

Blend tea tree oil with Vitamin E oil and apply it on the nails with a rubbing development, permitting the nails to absorb the arrangement. The arrangement will make the nails solid and sound. It won’t permit growth to develop. Tea tree oil is a germ-free, which is useful for nails. You can apply one drop of tea tree oil on the nails maybe a couple of times day by day. You can apply the oil in the wake of having shower or shower.

Egg Yolk and Milk Mixture

One the main reasons for having weak nails is the absence of proteins, minerals and other essential supplements in the diet. For example, milk, protein, and egg yolk are a portion of the best and effortlessly accessible normal wellsprings of protein and calcium that helps in sustaining the nails.

In spite of the fact that, a blend of milk and egg yolk is not exceptionally engaging, but rather it is one of the helpful, normal solutions for weak nails that show brief results. The blend gives serious dampness to the nails and averts peeling or part. Likewise, the nails will likewise look whiter than some time recently. Blend an egg yolk with two tablespoons of milk, beat well and back rub this blend onto your nails altogether. Sit tight for 20 minutes and clean it up with tepid water.

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