People Judge Your Personality Based On These 5 Small Things

1.Clothing color

The color of the clothes you wear reveal a lot about your personality, even more than any other superficial feature. People who wear darker and earth tones are artistic and more sensitive, while those who prefer red are lively people

2.Nail biting

Nail biting is a body focused behavior that can give the impression you are an impatient and frustrated person or that you are bored or anxious in a certain situation.


Psychologists claim that the shoes you wear can also tell a lot about your personality. You can discover a lot about someone’s income, gender, age or political affiliation by paying attention to the cost, style, color and condition of the shoes they wear.


Your handshake can tell whether you are a confident or weak person. It can also indicate someone is extroverted or introverted based on the strength of their handshake.


One study has discovered that people who have small and meticulous handwriting are usually shy, and people with larger and sloppier handwriting are more confident and outgoing. Another interesting thing they discovered is that people who write slowly are more sensitive and empathetic.

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