How to Get Rid of Cough and Flu

Cough and Flu and some of the most annoying medical problems a person can go through. Along with cough comes the embarrassment of coughing in a crowded place especially when you are a member of some formal and professional company. Imagine that a delegation of high-class people has come to your company, and you are responsible for a presentation. And a day before you get this bad cough, this is the time when you get the feeling that you are for. Well, rest assured because there are some very effective cures for the bad cough. They are mentioned as follows:

Lick a Lemon

Licking a lemon controls cough and calms down the bad cough effectively. The lemon also clears the throat and gives a flavor if you are feeling bad taste or no taste from the bad cough or flu.

Thyme Tea

Thyme tea is used as a cure for the infection in many parts of Germany, and now it is adopted as a method worldwide. Thyme is a herb that is very effective to treat upper body infection such as respiratory infections. Put some leave in hot boiling water and prepare some tea and drink it while it is hot enough to tolerate.

Avoid Dairy products

When you have a bad cough, then do avoid intake of dairy products as the contribution in the production of mucus. Avoiding food like milk, butter, cheese and cream is a good idea to make sure that you do not have a bad cough and excess mucus production.

Pepper and Honey Tea

Put two tsp of honey and one tsp of black ground pepper in a cup, and then pour in some boiling water to make tea. The honey is a good ingredient to relieve the cough, and the black pepper helps to circulate the mucus in the body helping to ease the very bad cough.