How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying pests that can breed in your home. Aside from delivering a nasty bite the mosquitoes carry chance to deliver deadly diseases like malaria, dengue, etc. Mosquitoes also breeds at a very rapid rate and to control this problem can be a very tiring job. They may also contaminate water and lay a huge amount of eggs in the water, especially in fresh and stagnant water. Some of the ways to get rid of mosquitoes are as follows:

Using Citronella repellents

Mosquitoes don’t like to roam around citronella odor. The best way to keep the mosquitoes away is to light a citronella candle that will give out the odor that repels the mosquitoes. The smoke from the candle would irritate the mosquitoes and keep them away from your home.

Mow your lawn/garden

The long grass and shrubs are the ideal breeding spots for the mosquitoes, and they will take shelter here and increase in number day by day. Mosquitoes like cool and dry places to take shelter and warm and wet places to breed. Longer grass can give that kind of atmosphere. For this reason, mowing the grass is a good idea to reduce mosquitoes breeding chances.

Neem oil and coconut oil

Neem is a great natural remedy for many problems, and recent research has proved that mixing the neem with coconut oil form into a very good mosquito repellent. When applied to the skin, this can fend off any incoming pests.

Using mint

When using Mint makes sure that you are not allergic to the strong smell of mint. If this is not the case, then mint is a very effective against the mosquitoes. Mint has a very strong smell that is not liked by them. Burning oil, planting mint near your home in your garden or using mint sprays to scent the rooms are some of the most effective ways.