36 Ways To Lose Weight Without Equipment

Having too much weight feels uncomfortable, especially when it’s about being obese then it really is annoying. Not only your appearance, but your health too is damaged by more weight. So staying fit is very important as it decides your appearance and keeps you healthy too.

A great quote from the legendary lifter and coach, Dan John says:

Fat loss is an all out war… Attack it with all you have.

Obesity can lead to a number of health diseases, which include heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer. You can check your weight and know whether you need to lose weight or not by the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator. This will let you know whether you are fit according to your height or not. Here are number of tips that can let you lose weight safely at home without using any equipment.


  1. Sleep well

Sleep is a very important need for you. Not sleeping well gives bad effects on one’s health physically and mentally. Mostly people don’t get enough sleep which is not good for them. A person should sleep 8 hours daily. Mostly old people don’t take sufficient amount of sleep. You can check the health benefits of sleeping here. While sleeping you should turn off all electronic devices like laptop, iPod, cell phone etc at least 30 minutes before because the light from them is a hurdle in your relaxed sleep.The best time to sleep is 10 o’ clock.

  1. Eat well and regularly

Eat well and regularly If you think skipping meals will get you thin or help you in losing weight then you are wrong. Not eating food will make you eat more food the next time. It can also turn you in the starvation mode and this way you will start to store more calories. So don’t think of skipping breakfast. Have a good breakfast on regular basis. And when it comes to lunch and dinner, start your meal with salad or soup because this will fill you up already and this way you will eat less of the main food.

  1. Eat slowly with concentration

While eating, just eat and focus on what you are eating. Don’t get busy in other works like watching TV or reading any sort of material. Try to pay attention on your meal. Eat deliberately and get to know what you are in taking? How does it taste? Chewing your food completely is very important while having food. Make sure to keep your spoon between every bite. If you eat slowly, your brain will make you sure that you have eaten enough. Take your time and enjoy your foodstuff.

  1. Have water like a drug

Drinking water as much as you can is very beneficial. After having breakfast, stick to water the whole day. Water is your best friend when it comes to losing weight, especially when you have to lose weight at home. Water is a natural weight loss drink. Try to drink boiled water as it is much more effective. Have 8-10 glasses of water daily. Having 1.0-1.5 liters of water daily is good for health.

  1. Eat in a right way

For staying smart and slim, you need to take of your diet even after you have lost weight. Don’t stick to a diet plan, but have a balanced diet in fact. Always keep in mind that there is no magical diet that can swallow your obesity and get you slim forever if you need to remain fit and beautiful, you have to take care of it. Keep checking your weight so you will always know when to change your diet plan.

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